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BODMAS means brackets first of division and multiplication, addition and subtraction. So, 8-1x0+(2/2)= 8-(1*0)+1= 8-0+1= 9+0= 9
= x2 - y2/100   {a2 - b2 = (a-b) (a+b) } = ( x - y/10) (x + y/10)

16,500 wll be the amount as intrest per annum is 750rs

Assume the number is ab.  ATQ a + b = 7 ....(i) 10 a + b - 10b - a = 9 9( a - b) = 9  a - b = 1....(ii) Equation (i) + Equation (ii) 2a = 8   => a =4 b = 3 Hence the required number is 43.  
Case 1 object distance = image distance = 10 cm.  Case 2 Object moved 6 cm towards the mirror. Now the object distance is 4cm from the mirror, so the image distance is also 4 cm So the distance between the object and image in the first case is 20 cm and in second case is 8 cm
Let ABCD be a parallelogram where AC=BD We know that Rectangle is a parallelogram with one angle 90o .
Three straight lines are said to be concurrent if they passes through a point i.e., they meet at a point. Thus, if three lines are concurrent the point of intersection of two lines lies on the third line. The point of intersection of any two lines, which lie on the third line is called the point of concurrence. For lines to be concurrent, condition is this:
Resistances across AB are in parallel,  So, equivalent resistance will be:-
Let the points (3, –2), (3, 2), (–1, 2) and (–1, –2) be A, B, C and D respectively. By distance formulae AB=BC=CD=AD=4units and AC=BC and AC2=AB2+BC2 and BD2=CD2+AD2 and slope of BD = -1 x slope of AC. Therefore given points form a square
Given that (a,b) is equidistant from the points (3, –4) and (8, –5), To show that 5 a - b - 32=0 Therefore
Let (0, y) be the point on y-axis. Given (0, y) is equidistant from (-5 , 2) and (9, -2) Therefore from the distance formula So the point on y axis i (0,-7)
A simple closed curve made of line segments only is called a polygon.  Types Regular and irregular polygon: Regular polygon have equal sides and equal angles. In irregular polygon all the sides are not equal and also all the angles are not equal Convex and Concave polygon: All the interior angles in a convex polygon have values less than 180 degrees and for concave polygon, at least one...
Slope of distance time graph represents velocity and slope of velocity time graph represents acceleration. In first figure, since the sope of distance time graph is zero, that means, veocity will be zero. So, there is no motion, the body is at rest. In second figure, the slope is negative, that means acceleration is decreasing. And Speeding down means that the magnitude (or numerical value) of...