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Are parthenocarpy and apomixis different phenomena? Discuss their benefits.

Hint: Yes, parthenocarpy, and different apomixis phenomena. Parthenocarpy leads to the development of seedless fruits. Apomixis leads to embryo development.

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Parthenocarpy is the condition in which fruits develop without seeds, while apomixis is a condition in which seeds develop without fertilization. Fertilization is absent in both the case, but seeds are present in apomixis only. Benefits of parthenocarpy: Seedless fruits are easier to consume, especially those fruits that naturally contain too many seeds, e.g., papaya, watermelon, and banana.

Benefits of Apomixis include the fact that it can be used to produce apomicts hybrid seeds every year. This will help in drastically cutting the cost for farmers.

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