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With a neat, labeled diagram, describe the parts of a mature angiosperm embryo sac. Mention the role of synergids.

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Structure of a mature Embryo Sac: A mature embryo sac is a 7-celled structure and has 8 nuclei. The end near the micropyle is called the micropylar end, while the opposite end is called the chalazal end. The following are the main parts of the embryo sac:

  • Egg Apparatus: The egg apparatus is composed of two synergids and an egg. There are special thickenings at the micropylar end of synergids. These thickenings are known as the filiform apparatus.
  • The function of Synergids: The synergids provide a channel to the pollen tube to enter through the filiform apparatus.
  • Polar Nuclei: The two nuclei enclosed in the central cell are called polar nuclei.
  • Antipodals: The three cells at the chalazal end are called antipodals.


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