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Seawater at frequency v = 4 x 108 Hz has permittivity \varepsilon =80\; \varepsilon _{0},, permeability \mu =\mu _{0} and resistivity \rho =0.25\; \Omega m.. Imagine a parallel plate capacitor immersed in seawater and driven by an alternating voltage source V(t)=V_{0}\; \sin (2\pi vt). What fraction of the conduction current density is the displacement current density?

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The separation between the plates of the capacitor is

 V(t)=V_{0}\; \sin (2\pi vt)

Ohm’s law for the conduction of current density

J_{0c}=\frac{v}{\rho d}

The displacement current density is

J_{0d}=\frac{2\pi v\varepsilon V_{0}}{d}

The fraction of the conduction of current density and the displacement density


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