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For the reaction: N_{2}(g) + 3H_{2}(g) \rightleftharpoons 2NH_{3}(g) equilibrium constant,


Some reactions are written below in Column I, and their equilibrium constants in terms of Kc are written in Column II. Match the following reactions with the corresponding equilibrium constant.

Column I (Reaction) Column II (Equilibrium constant)
(i) 2N_{2}(g)+6H_{2}(g)\rightleftharpoons 4NH_{3}(g) (a) 2K_{c}
(ii) 2NH_{3}(g)\rightleftharpoons N_{2}(g)+3H_{2}(g) (b) K{_{c}}^{\frac{1}{2}}
(iii) \frac{1}{2}N_{2}(g)+\frac{3}{2}H_{2}(g)\rightleftharpoons NH_{3}(g) (c) \frac{1}{K_{c}}
  (d) K{_{c}}^{2}


Answers (1)

(i)\rightarrow (d); (ii)\rightarrow (c); (iii) \rightarrow(b)

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