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2. State true or false.
(i)  Cube of any odd number is even.

(ii)  A perfect cube does not end with two zeros.

(iii)  If square of a number ends with 5, then its cube ends with 25.

(iv)  There is no perfect cube which ends with 8

(v)  The cube of a two digit number may be a three digit number.

(vi)  The cube of a two digit number may have seven or more digits.

(vii)  The cube of a single digit number may be a single digit number.


Answers (2)


(i) False.  Cube of an odd number can never be even.

(ii) True.  Perfect cube number ends with zeros multiple of three.

(iii) False. We can say only about units place.

(iv) False. Cube of numbers which ends with 2 end with 8.

(v) False. Can never be.

(vi) False. Can never be. It can be proved by taking examples.

(vii) True. e.g. 1,2 

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Devendra Khairwa

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1 cubs of any odd number is even answer kai hai

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