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You are given a 2\mu F parallel plate capacitor. How would you establish an instantaneous displacement current of 1 mA in the space between its plates?

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The capacitor has a capacitance of C=2\mu F

Displacement current I_{d}=1\; mA

Charge in the capacitor,


or, I_{d}dt =C\; dV \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \left [ as,q=it \right ]

or, I_{d} =C\; \frac{dV}{dt}

or, \frac{dV}{dt}= \frac{(1\times10^{-3})}{(2\times10^{-6})}

or, \frac{dV}{dt}= 500\frac{V}{s}

Therefore, by applying a voltage of 500\frac{V}{s}, we will get the mentioned displacement current.

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