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A wholesale woollen fibre dealer gets the woollen fibre of different textures sorted for various purposes. Match the items in Column I with the woollen fibre in Column II.

                    Column I        Column II
    (a)    Pashmina shawl     (i)    Camel wool
    (b)    Woollen carpet     (ii)    Angora wool
    (c)    Baby blanket     (iii)    Kashmir goat
    (d)    Woollen Sweater     (iv)    Sheep wool


Answers (1)

                    Column I        Column II
    (a)    Pashmina shawl

     iii) Kashmir Goat

    (b)    Woollen carpet

     i) Camel Wool

    (c)    Baby blanket

     ii) Angora wool

    (d)    Woollen Sweater

     iv)Sheep wool

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Sumit Saini

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