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Write various steps for processing fibres into wool.

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Various steps for processing fibres into wool are:
(i) Shearing – It is the process of removal of wool or fleece from a sheep called shearing. It can be done manually with a large razor or with a shearing machine.
(ii) Scouring – The sheared hair is moved through tubs filled with soapy water to remove dust, dirt and grease. This process is known as scouring. 
(iii) Sorting – Sorting process consists of separating hair of different textures.
(iv) Removing burr – Burrs are soft fluffy fibres in wool. These are removed manually.
(v) Carding – During the process of carding, the clean selected wool fibres are passed through rollers that have thin wired teeth The teeth untangle the fibres and arrange them into a flat sheet called a web.
(vi) Dyeing – It is dyed in different colours.
(vii) Spinning – The fibres are straightened, combed and rolled into yarn. The process of making yarn from fibres is called spinning.

Lastly fibres are made into wool for sweaters and woollen cloth.

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