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Select the right match of the endocrine gland and their hormones amongst the options given below.


Column I

Column II

A. Pineal

i) Epinephrine


ii) Melatonin

C. Ovary

iii) Estrogen

D. Adrenal Medulla

iv) Tetraiodothyronine


(a) A – (iv), B – (ii), C – (iii), D – (i)
(b) A – (ii), B – (iv), C – (i), D – (iii)
(c) A – (iv), B – (ii), C – (i), D – (iii)
(d) A – (ii), B – (iv), C – (iii), D – (i)

Answers (1)

(d) A – (ii), B – (iv), C – (iii), D – (i) is the correct option


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