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Write the functions of the following
a) Centromere
b) Cell wall
c) Smooth ER
d) Golgi Apparatus
e) Centrioles

Answers (1)

(a) It is important for facilitating proper chromosome segregation.

(b) The cell wall gives structure to the cell and protects it from injuries. It also helps with lining all the contents of the cell together.

(c) Smooth ER helps in the synthesizing of protein, lipids and carbohydrates. It also helps in drug detoxification and regulating calcium         concentration.

(d) It is a primary site for the formation of glycolipids and glycoprotein. It also plays a vital role during cell division by formation of cell plates.

(e) Centrioles help in the cell division of animals by forming asters. It also forms the microtubules and sperm tail.

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