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Comment upon the gametic exchange in earthworm during mating.

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Answer- The gametic exchange in earthworm during mating is discussed below.

- Earthworm posses both the sexes in an individual. Therefore, they are known as hermaphrodite animals.
- The ventro-lateral side 18th segment has a pair of the male genital pore.
- Moreover, the 6th and 9th segment have four pair of spermathecae
- The spermatozoa get deposited in the spermathecae during the process of copulation.
- Mating occurs between two earthworm bodies. The bodies get juxtapose so that the male genital pore of one earthworm is in the opposite direction to the spermathecae of the other earthworm.
- The exchange of spermatozoa occurs between two earthworms in the form of pockets called spermatophores.
- The mature egg cell and the sperm get deposited in the cocoons which are made by the fluid secreted by the clitellum gland
- The cocoons are then deposited in the ground, and further fertilisation occurs.

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