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Explain the digestive system of cockroach with the help of a labelled sketch.

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Answer- The digestive system of cockroaches is explained below.
- The alimentary canal of the cockroach is distinguished into three-part namely the foregut, midgut and the hindgut.
The foregut consists of the cockroach oesophagus, gizzard, crop and the pharynx.
- Between the foregut and hindgut, the hepatic caeca are located
- The Malpighian tubules are located between the midgut and the hindgut
- The hindgut is composed of the ileum, colon and the rectum
- The short tubular structure at which the mouth opens is called the pharynx.
The pharynx further opens into another narrow tube called the oesophagus.
- The crop is a pouch in which the oesophagus opens. The crop stores the food material for a certain duration
- The crop opens into a circular muscle called the gizzard, which helps in food grinding.
- The hepatic caeca act as the liver of the cockroach body and help in the process of digestion
- The hindgut further opens into the rectum.

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