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Write down the common features of the connective tissue. On the basis of structure and function, differentiate between bones and cartilages.

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Answer - The features commonly found in connective tissue are listed below.
- They help in constructing the structural framework of the body.
- They help in connecting different parts of the body
- Connective tissues are of mesodermal origin.

Bones and cartilages are differentiated below.



  1. The intercellular material of bones is hard and non-pliable

The intercellular material of cartilages is solid and pliable

  1. Bones form the major part of the skeletal system

Cartilages only make a minuscule part of the skeletal system

  1. The bone marrow found in the bones is the site for blood cell production

Cell production does not take place in cartilages

  1. The spaces between the bones are the site for osteocytes. These spaces are called lacunae

The spaces between cartilages are the site for chondrocytes secreted by the matrix

  1. Bone cells are known as osteocytes 

Cartilage cells are known as chondrocytes

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