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If Zeba were younger by 5 years than what she really is, then the square of her age (in years) would have been 11 more than five times her actual age. What is her age now?

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Let zeba’s current age = x

According to question                                   
\\(x-5)^{2}=11+5x\\ x^{2}+25-10=11+5x\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\(using \;\;(a-b)^{2}=a^{2}+b^{2}-2ab)\\ x^{2}+25-10x-11-5x=0\\ x^{2}-15x+14=0\\ x^{2}-14x-x+14=0\\ x(x-14)-1(x-14)=0\\ (x-14)(x-1)\\

x = 14

we can’t take 1 because if we take 5 years younger of 1 then it is equal to – 4 and age cannot be negative.

Hence x = 14 i.e., the age of zeba is 14 years

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