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In the centre of a rectangular lawn of dimensions 50 m × 40 m, a rectangular pond has to be constructed so that the area of the grass surrounding the pond would be 1184 m2 [see Fig. 4.1]. Find the length and breadth of the pond.

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length = 34m, breadth = 24m


Let the distance between the pond and loan boundary is x.

Hence the length of pond =50-x-x

Then breadth of pond =40-x-x

From the figure

Area of lawn = Area of pond + Area of grass

50 × 40=(50-2x)(40-2x)+1184     (using Area of rectangle = l × B)




Divide by 4


x2 - 37x - 8x + 296 = 0



x = 37, 8

If x = 37

Length of pond =50-2(37)



Which is not possible because length can’t be negative.

If x = 8

Length of pond =50-2(8)


Breadth of pond =40-2(8)


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