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In which of the following options order of arrangement does not agree with the variation of property indicated against it?

 (i) Al3+< Mg2+< Na+ < F (increasing ionic size)

(ii) B < C < N < O (increasing first ionisation enthalpy)

(iii) I < Br < Cl < F (increasing electron gain enthalpy)         

(iv) Li < Na < K < Rb (increasing metallic radius)

Answers (1)

The answer is the option (ii) and (iii)

Explanation: The ionisation enthalpy of N is always higher than that of O due to greater stability of half-filled electronic configuration of oxygen. So (ii) is incorrect. Similarly, in option (iii), the electron gain enthalpy of F is lower than that of Cl due to the small size of F. Hence option (iii) is also wrong.

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