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The electronic configuration of gadolinium (Atomic number 64) is

(i)  [Xe] \; 4f^{3} 5d^{5}6s^{2}

 (ii) [Xe] \; 4f^{7} 5d^{2}6s^{1}

 (iii) [Xe] \; 4f^{7} 5d^{1}6s^{2}

 (iv) [Xe] \; 4f^{8} 5d^{6}6s^{2}

Answers (1)

The answer is the option (iii) [Xe] \; 4f^{7} 5d^{1}6s^{2}

Explanation: Gadolinium is a lanthanoid, it is one of the f-block elements and has the outer electronic configuration as (n - 2) f^{14} (n-1) d^{0-1}-1 ns^{2}

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