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Electronic configurations of four elements A, B, C and D, are given below :

(A) 1s^{2} 2s^{2} 2p^{6}
(B) 1s^{2} 2s^{2} 2p^{4}
(C) 1s^{2} 2s^{2} 2p^{6}3s^{1}
(D) 1s^{2} 2s^{2} 2p^{5}

Which of the following is the correct order of increasing tendency to gain electron ?

(i) A < C < B < D

(ii) A < B < C < D

(iii) D < B < C < A

(iv) D < A < B < C

Answers (1)

The answer is the option (i) A < C < B < D

Explanation: Electron Gain Enthalpy: When an isolated gaseous atom or ion in its ground state adds an electron to form the corresponding anion, then the molar enthalpy change that occurs is known as Electron Gain Enthalpy.

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