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What do you understand by exothermic reaction and endothermic reaction? Give one example of each type.

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Exothermic Reaction \Delta H  is negative for reactions which heat evolves during the reaction and are called exothermic. Example: CaO+CO_{2}\rightarrow CaCO_{3}

 This reaction leads to the release of -178.3 kJ mol-1 of energy and is an exothermic reaction as \Delta H is negative.

Endothermic Reaction\Delta H is positive in an endothermic reaction which absorbs heat from the surroundings

 Example: 2NH_{3}\rightarrow N_{2}+3H_{2}

This reactions requires the energy of +91.8 kJ mol-1  and is an endothermic one because \Delta H is positive.

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