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 Which sample, A or B shown in the figure has shorter mean-life?


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From the above figure, we get:

At t= 0,

(dN0/dt)A = (dN0/dt)B

as, dN/dt = -\lambdaN

Therefore, (No)A = (No)B

Hence, at the beginning, there are the same numbers of radioactive atoms in both samples. Let, at any instant of time t,

(dN0/dt)A > (dN0/dt)B

or, \lambdaA.NA = \lambdaB.NB

or, Na > NB

or, \lambdaB > \lambdaA

We know, \tau = 1/\lambda

So, \tau_A>\tau_B

Here, sample B has a shorter mean life than sample A.

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