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Brassica Campestris linn


  1. Give the common name of the plant

  2. What do the first two parts of the name denote?

  3. Why are they written in italics?

  4. What is the meaning of linn written at the end of the name?


Answers (1)

a) Mustard is the common name for Brassica Campestris linn.

b) The first term of the name denotes the genus that the plant belongs to and the second part denotes the family of the plant.

c) The scientific names are written in italics because it is a rule to write the scientific names in italics; and also, in this case, it could also be to represent that they have a Latin origin. 

d) The linn written at the end of the name shows that this name was discovered and studied by Linnaeus.

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