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How do you prepare your own herbarium sheets? What are the different tools you carry with you while collecting plants for the preparation of an herbarium? What information should a preserved plant material on the herbarium sheet provide for taxonomical studies?

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Ans: The herbarium sheet can be prepared by following the given steps: -

  1. Collection: You will need to collect the living beings of a particular species.

  2. Pressing: The collected specimens of the species are kept between two sheets and then pressed hard so as to preserve them.

  3. Drying: In this step, the specimen is kept for drying, which is usually done in the sun.

  4. Poisoning: The specimens need to be injected with the antifungal treatment so that they can be preserved for longer.

  5. Mounting: In this step, the sample of the specimen is kept over the herbarium for mounting.

  6. Labelling: The information about the classification of the specimen is written on the label.

The tools that are necessary and would be required while collecting the specimen of a particular species for the herbarium include digger, sickle, polythene bags, pruning knife, vasculum, old newspaper, blotting paper, herbarium sheets, labels, glue, plant press, field notebooks, etc.

The necessary information that needs to be put on the label while putting it in a herbarium for preservation includes the name of the division that it belongs to, the family, genus and the species of the specimen.

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