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What are taxonomical aids? Give the importance of herbaria and museums. How are botanical gardens and zoological parks useful in conserving biodiversity?

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The tools that are used by the scientists to learn about the plants and the animal species are known as taxonomical tools. The plants and animals’ species are often preserved by the scientists for research purposes. The plant species are stored and preserved in a herbarium, and the animal species are preserved in the museums. 

The herbarium is used to preserve and store the plant specimen with their details about classification for future reference. The herbarium is useful and can be used to refer to when people are studying the specimens belonging to the various species of the plants. Apart from being a referral system, it is also convenient to maintain a herbarium, and it could also be transported that makes it easier and more convenient.

The museums, on the other hand, have a huge collection of various plant and animal species, but mostly animal species. The skeletons of various species of animals that have gone extinct could be found in the museums for research and other purposes. The museums are often maintained by the educational institutions as they are important for the students to refer to and learn about their science lessons in real life. They get to experience it all in the museum that helps them learn better.

The role of botanical gardens and zoological parks in conserving biodiversity is immense as these places were actually created to work towards conserving the degrading biodiversity. The botanical gardens and the zoological parks are the places that provide the most comfortable and safe place to live for the plants and the animals without having to give up on the feeling of living in their natural habitat. The personnel that are appointed to take care of the plants and the animals also carry out selective breeding amongst them to ensure the continuity of various species. The personnel are always there to take care of the plants and the animals and to provide proper treatment and care if they fall sick. This helps in the conservation and betterment of biodiversity. Thus, botanical gardens and zoological parks are important for the conservation of biodiversity.

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