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Do you consider a person in coma - living or dead?

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Ans: It is difficult to examine whether a person is living or dead, especially when it comes to human beings. The basic definition that is followed to examine if a person is dead or not is by the state of the person’s brain. A person is considered to be living in a coma if that person is not brain dead, even if its vital organs of the body has stopped working. These kinds of people are often supported by the life-systems to carry out the functions of the organs that have stopped working in their bodies. A heart machine provides continuous blood circulation, and a lung machine keeps the regulation of the air in control. A dialysis machine is set up to remove the waste from the blood regularly to stop the accumulation of the waste in the body and to prevent death. The intravenous fluid is used to provide nutrition to the patient.

The person that is in the coma is not the controller of his consciousness and thus fail to respond to the external stimuli, which is a defining feature for the living beings. The person who is in a coma has to take the support of the life system to carry out the metabolic reaction, and thus, that person can be considered as dead. But since that person is not brain dead yet, he is considered to be alive. But as soon as the person is put off the life system, that person will be declared dead by all means. But until then, it is difficult to say whether the person in the coma is dead or alive.

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