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  Match the following and choose the correct option

A.    Family

(i)    tuberosum

B.    Kingdom (ii)    Polymoniales
C.    Order (iii)    Solanum
D.    Species (iv)    plantae
E.    Genus (v)    Solanaceae


  1. (i)-D, (ii)-C, (iii)-E, (iv)-B, (v)-A

  2. (i)-E, (ii)-D, (iii)-B, (iv)-A, (v)-C

  3. (i)-D, (ii)-E, (iii)-B, (iv)-A, (v)-C

  4. (i)-E, (ii)-C, (iii)-B, (iv)-A, (v)-D

Answers (1)

Ans: The answer is option (a) (i)-D, (ii)-C, (iii)-E, (iv)-B, (v)-A

Explanation: The order that is followed for the taxa is Kingdom, Order, Family, Genus and then Species.

The classification for the potato is as follows: -

  • Species: tuberosum

  • Genus: Solanum

  • Family: Solanaceae

  • Order: Solanales

  • Kingdom: Plantae

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