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 Differentiate between

a. Bract and Bracteole

b. Pulvinus and petiole

c. Pedicel and peduncle

d. Spike and spadix

e. Stamen and staminoid

f. Pollen and pollenium

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a. The bracteolate is found between the bract and flower while a bract is found towards the base of the pedicle.

b. Petiole is a subcylindrical stalk that connects the lamina with the leaf base while Pulvinus is a swollen leaf base which is found in leguminous plants.

c. The Peduncle is a stalk of the whole inflorescence while a pedicle is the stalk of a flower.

d. Spadix is covered by several large bracts known as spates while in spike sessile flowers are attached on an elongated peduncle.

e. Every stamen represents a male reproductive organ and androecium is composed of stamens. Staminode is a sterile stamen. 

f. Polonium is defined as the group of pollen grains while a pollen is a male gametophyte of angiosperms.

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