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Sunflower is not a flower. Explain.

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Ans. Sunflower is actually not a flower, but a bunch of flowers, altogether.  Inflorescence is the term used for a bunch of exceedingly small flowers, for what it appears to be a single flower. These flowers are put on a receptacle in a special arrangement. This type of inflorescence of flowers is called capitulum.

These are some characteristics of capitulum: -

  •  There are many tiny, sessile florets present on the receptacle.
  • The youngest florets are present at the center, while the oldest florets are at the periphery.
  •  The receptacle is flattened.
  •  There are two kinds of florets in a sunflower, viz. ray florets and disc florets.
  •  Ray florets are present on the rim of the receptacle. These are of yellow colour.
  •  Disc florets are present in the center. They are bisexual in nature and are actinomorphic.
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