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If 4 g of NaOH dissolves in 36 g of H2O, calculate the mole fraction of each component in the solution. Also, determine the molarity of solution (specific gravity of solution is 1g mL-1).


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As per information given in the question, Mass of NaOH = 4g

Therefore, Number of moles of NaOH=\frac{4}{40}=0.1\; mol

Number of moles of water =\frac{36}{18}=2\; mols

Mole fraction of water =\frac{Number\; of\; moles\; of\; water}{Total\; number\; of\; moles(water+NaOH)}\frac{2}{2.1}=0.952

Mole fraction of NaOH = \frac{Number\; of\; moles\; of\; NaOH}{Total\; number\; of\; moles(water+NaOH)}\frac{0.1}{2.1}=0.047

Now, mass of solution = Mass of water + Mass of NaOH=36+4=40 \; g

Volume =\frac{40}{1}=40\; mL

Molarity in solution = \frac{Number\; of\; moles\; of\; solute}{Volume\; of\; solute\; in\; Litre}=\frac{0.1\; mol\; NaOH}{0.04L}=2.5 M

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