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The density of 3 molal solution of NaOH is 1.110 g mL-1 . Calculate the molarity of the solution.

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3 molal solution Of NaOH has  3 mols Of NaOH which are dissolved in 1000 g of solvent.

Therefore, the Mass of Solution-= Mass of SoIvent + Mass of Solute

=1000g+(3\times 40\; g)

=1120\; g

Volume of Solution =\frac{MASS}{DENSITY}

=\frac{1120}{1.110\; mL}=100.90\; mL

Given the density of solution =1.110 g m/L-1

Since 1009 mL solution has 3 mols Of NaOH

Molarity (M) = \frac{Number \; of\; moles\; of\; solute}{Volume\; of\; solution\; in\; litres}

\frac{3\; mol}{1009.00}=2.97\; M

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