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Which of the following pairs have the same number of atoms ?

(i) 16 g of O_{2} (g) and 4 g of H_{2} (g)

(ii) 16 g of O_{2} and 44 g of CO_{2}

(iii) 28 g of N_{2} and 32 g of O_{2}

(iv) 12 g of C (s) and 23 g of Na (s)

Answers (1)

The answer are the options (iii) and (iv)


One mole is measured as the amount of a substance that has an equal number of atoms as contained in exactly 12 g of Carbon.

1 mole of C = 12g

While 23 grammes of Na (mass) = 1 mole of Na

28g N2 = 1 mole of nitrogen = 2 × atoms of nitrogen

2 \times (6.022 \times 10^{23})atoms of nitrogen

32g O2 = 1 mole of oxygen = 2 \times (6.022 \times 10^{23}) atoms of oxygen

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