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Which of the following solutions have the same concentration?

(i) 20 g of NaOH in 200 mL of solution

(ii) 0.5 mole of KCl in 200 mL of solution

(iii) 40 g of NaOH in 100 mL of solution

(iv) 20 g Of KOH in 200 mL of solution

Answers (1)

The answers are options (i) and (ii)

Explanation: (i) 20 g NaOH in 200 mL solution.

\frac{20}{40}=0.5 mol of NaOH

(ii) Molar concentration Of NaOH

\frac{0.5\; mol}{0.2\; L}=2.5 \; M as 200 mL = 0.2 L

Molar concentration of KCl =  \frac{0.5\; mol}{0.2\; L}=2.5 \; M

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