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Water level in a well was 20m below ground level. During rainy season, rain water collected in different water tanks was drained into the well and the water level rises 5 m above the previous level. The wall of the well is 1m 20 cm high and a pulley is fixed at a height of 80 cm. Raghu wants to draw water from the well. The minimum length of the rope that he can use is

(a) 17 m         (b) 18 m          (c) 96 m        (d) 97 m




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Water level from the ground = 20 - 5 = 15 m

Height of the wall  = 1 m 20 cm =1.20 m

Height of the pulley =80 cm = 0.80 m
Minimum length of the rope needed = 15 +1.20+0.80 = 17 m

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Ravindra Pindel

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