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Find out the oxidation number of chlorine in the following compounds and arrange them in increasing order of oxidation number of chlorine.
NaClO_{4}, NaClO_{3}, NaClO, KClO_{2}, Cl_{2}O_{7}, ClO_{3}, Cl_{2}O, NaCl, Cl_{2}, ClO_{2}.
Which oxidation state is not present in any of the above compounds?

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For all the chlorine atoms, we will assume the oxidation state to be x, and for atoms Na, K = +1, O = -2. Now, we know that, the sum of oxidation numbers of all the atoms in a compound is the same as the charge on that compound for an ion or zero.


NaClO_{4}\rightarrow +1+x+4\times -2 = 0\rightarrow x = +7

NaClO_{3}\rightarrow +1+x+4\times -2 = 0\rightarrow x = +5

In the Cl_{2}O_{7} structure there are two atoms of chlorine with varying types of O ? O, Cl ? Cl. The structure is explained as follows: -

Cl_{2}O_{7}\rightarrow 2\times x+7\times -2 = 0\rightarrow x = +7

ClO_{3}\rightarrow x+2\times -2 = 0\rightarrow x = +6

Cl_{2}O\rightarrow 2 \times x -2 = 0\rightarrow x = +1

NaCl\rightarrow +1+ x = 0\rightarrow x = -1

Cl_{2}\rightarrow As chlorine is in its naturalthe oxidation number is zero.

ClO_{2}\rightarrow x +2\times -2= 0\rightarrow x = +4

Therefore the ascending order is,

NaCl (-1), Cl_{2}(0), Cl_{2}O(+1), KClO_{2}(+3), ClO_{2}(+4), NaClO_{3}(+5), ClO_{3}(+6), Cl_{2}O_{7}=NaClO_{4}(+7).

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