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Which method can be used to find out strength of reductant/oxidant in a solution? Explain with an example.

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In order to determine the strength of a reductant/oxidant, we can use the titration method; it can be performed with the help of a redox-sensitive indicator.

The usage indicators in redox titration are as shown below:


In one scenario, the reagent itself is intensely coloured, e.g., permanganate ion, MnO_{4}^{-}. In here, MnO_{4}^{-} acts as a self-indicator. In this case, the visible endpoint is attained after the last of the reductant(Fe^{2+} or C_{2}O_{4}^{2-})is oxidised. Now, the first lasting tinge of pink colour appears as MnO_{4}^{-} concentration as low as 10^{-5}mol (10^{-6} mol L^{-1}). This make sure of a minimal ‘overshoot’ in colour beyond the equivalence point, which is the point from where the reductant and the oxidant are equal in terms of their mole stoichiometry.

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