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Write balanced chemical equation for the following reactions:
(i) Permanganate ion (MnO_{4}^{-}) reacts with sulphur dioxide gas in acidic medium to produce Mn^{2+} and hydrogensulphate ion.
(Balance by ion electron method)
(ii) Reaction of liquid hydrazine (N_{2}H_{4}) with chlorate ion (ClO_{3}^{-}) in basic medium produces nitric oxide gas and chloride ion in gaseous state.
(Balance by oxidation number method)
(iii) Dichlorine heptaoxide (Cl_{2}O_{7}) in gaseous state combines with an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide in acidic medium to give chlorite ion (ClO_{2}^{-}) and oxygen gas.
(Balance by ion electron method)

Answers (1)

(i) 2MnO_{4}^{-} + 5SO_{2}+ 2H_{2}O + H^{+} \rightarrow 2Mn^{+2}+5HSO_{4}^{-}

(ii) N_{2}H_{4} + ClO_{3}^{-} \rightarrow Cl^{-} + N_{2}O + 2H_{2}O

(iii) Cl_{2}O_{7} + 4H_{2}O_{2} \rightarrow 2ClO_{2}^{-} + 3H_{2}O + 4O_{2}+ 2H^{+}

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