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Using the standard electrode potential, find out the pair between which redox reaction is not feasible.

E^{}\Theta values: Fe^{3+}/Fe^{2+} =0.77;I_{2}/I^{-}=+0.54;


(i) Fe^{3+} and \;I^{-}
(ii) Ag^{+} and \;Cu
(iii) Fe^{3+} and \;Cu
(iv) Ag \;and \;Fe^{3+}

Answers (1)

 The answer is the option (iv) Ag \;and \;Fe^{3+}

Explanation: To make the reaction feasible, E^{0}cell need to be positive for the pair Ag and Fe^{3+}, but it is negative. Hence the reaction is not feasible.


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