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Floor of a room is of dimensions 5 m × 4 m and it is covered with circular tiles of diameters 50 cm each as shown in Figure. Find the area of floor that remains uncovered with tiles. (Use \pi = 3.14)

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[4.3 m2]


Diameter of tile =50cm=0.5m      (1m = 100cm)

Radius =\frac{50}{2}=25=0.25m

Number of tiles lengthwise =\frac{5}{0.5}=10  tiles

Number of tiles widthwise =\frac{4}{0.5}=8  tiles

Total tiles =10 \times 8=80

Area of floor not covered by tiles = Area of rectangular floor – Area of 80 tiles 

                                            \\=5 \times 4-80\pi r^{2}\\ =20-80 \times \pi \times 0.25 \times 0.25\\ =20-\frac{8 \times 314 \times 25 \times 25}{100 \times100\times100}\\ =20-\frac{157}{10}\\ =20-15.7\\ =4.3m^{2}


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