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If the sum of the circumferences of two circles with radii R1 and R2 is equal to the circumference of a circle of radius R, then

(A) R1 +R2=R        

(B) R1 +R2>R        

(C) R1 +R2<R         

(D) Nothing definite can be said about the relationamong R1, R2 and R.

Answers (1)

(A) R1 + R2=R


Radius of first circle= R1

circumference of first circle =2πR1

Radius of second circle =R2

circumference of second circle =2πR2

Radius of third circle = R

circumference of third circle=2πR

According to question

2πR1 + 2πR2=2πR

2π(R1 + R2)=2πR

R1 + R2=R

Hence option A is correct.

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