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In the context of conservation of natural resources, explain the terms reduce, recycle and reuse. From among the materials that we use in daily life, identify two materials for each category.

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In the context of natural resources, the following terms refer to

  • Reduce: This means to use a material/commodity in a lesser quantity.
  • Recycle: This means a material that is used once, is collected and sent back to a manufacturer so that they can make some other useful materials from it.
  • Reuse: It means using a thing over and over again instead of throwing it away. This is actually even better than recycling because the process of recycling uses some energy.

From among the materials we use in daily life, we can:

Reduce electricity use and reduce petroleum usage.

Recycle used paper, plastic bottles, metal objects.

Reuse the plastic bottles, polythene bags etc.

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