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Why are the Arabari forests of Bengal known to be a good example of conserved forest?

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Arabari Forest Range, is the name of a forest range in West Bengal. The Arabari forest of Bengal was badly degraded. Conservation efforts were begun in 1972.

The West Bengal Forest Department (headed by Indian Forest Service officer Shri Ajit Kumar Banerjee) planned to revive the degraded forest by involving the local people.

The residents of the surrounding area were associated with the protection of 1272 hectares of this forest. With the dynamic participation of neighbourhood individuals living around the forest, the degraded sal forest of Arabari turned out to be thick and green inside ten years.

Consequently, the residents were given work in both silviculture and harvesting operations of the forest and were permitted to gather firewood and fodder from the forest area on a very nominal payment. Thus, the Arabari forest provides a genuine example of the conserved forest.

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