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500 persons are taking a dip into a cuboidal pond which is 80 m long and 50 m broad. What is the rise of water level in the pond, if the average displacement of the water by a person is 0.04m3?

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Length of cuboidal pond = 80m

            Breadth = 50 m

             Let, Height = h

           \text{ Volume}\ l \times b \times h

                        80 \times 50 \times h=400 h m^3

            Average water of one person =0.04m3

            Average water of 500 persons = 0.04 \times 500

            According to question

            The volume of cuboidal pond = Average water of 500 persons

                        400 h =0.04 \times 500

                        h = 4 \times \frac{500 }{100\times 400}=\frac{5}{100}=0.05m

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