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The diameters of the two circular ends of the bucket are 44 cm and 24 cm. The height of the bucket is 35 cm. The capacity of the bucket is

(A) 32.7 litres
(B) 33.7 litres
(C) 34.7 litres
(D) 31.7 litres

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\text{Volume of frustum of cone }=\frac{\pi h}{3}(r_{1}^{2}+r_{2}{^2}+r_{1}r_{2})
Diameter of first end = 44 cm

Diameter of second end = 24 cm
Radius (r_{2})=\frac{24}{2}=12cm
 \text{Height }(h)=35cm
\text{Volume} =\frac{\pi h}{3}(r_{1}^{2}+r_{2}^{2}+r_{1}r_{2})
             =\frac{22\times 35}{7\times 3}(22^{2}+12^{2}+22\times 12)   
     \Rightarrow \frac{110}{3}[484+144+264]
 \text{We know that 1 liter}= 1000 cm^{3}???????
\therefore 32706.67cm^{3}=32.7litres

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