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A rectangular water tank of base 11 m × 6 m contains water upto a height of 5 m. If the water in the tank is transferred to a cylindrical tank of radius 3.5 m, find the height of the water level in the tank.

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Answer h = 8.579m


Length of cuboid = 11m

Breadth = 6m

Height = 5m

 Volume=1\times b\times h

             =11\times6\times5 = 330m^3

Radius of cylindrical tank = 3.5m

Let height = h

 \text{Volume }\pi r^2 h = \pi (3.5)^2 h

To find the height of water level

Volume of cuboid = volume of cylindrical tank

= 330= \pi (3.5)^2 h

h = \frac{330\times7\times100}{22\times35\times35} = \frac{600}{70} = 8.579m

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