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A mason constructs a wall of dimensions 270cm\times 300cm \times 350cm  with the bricks each of size 22.5cm \times 11.25cm \times 8.75cmand it is assumed that \frac{1}{8} space is covered by the mortar. Then the number of bricks used to construct the wall is

(A) 11100                    (B) 11200                    (C) 11000                    (D) 11300

Answers (1)

Answer(B) 11200


            Length of wall = 270 cm

            Breadth = 300 cm

            Height = 350 cm

            Volume =l \times b\times h

                        =270\times 300 \times 350= 28350000cm^{3}

            Length of brick = 22.5 cm

            Breadth = 11.25 cm

            Height = 8.75 cm

            Volume =l \times b\times h

                        = 22.5 \times 11.25 \times 8.75 = 2214.84375cm3

            \frac{1}{8}  Space is covered by mortar (given)

            Remaining space =\frac{volume of wall}{8}


            Surface constructed = 28350000 - 3543750 = 24806250cm^3

            Number of bricks used = \frac{ \text{surface contracted}} {\text{volume of brick}}

            \Rightarrow \frac{24806250}{2214.84375}=11200

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