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A salt X is formed and a gas is evolved when ethanoic acid reacts with sodium hydrogencarbonate. Name the salt X and the gas evolved. Describe an activity and draw the diagram of the apparatus to prove that the evolved gas is the one which you have named. Also, write chemical equation of the reaction involved. 

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When sodium hydrogen carbonate reacts with ethanoic acid, it forms sodium ethanoate salt, water and carbon dioxide.

CH_3COOH + NaHCO_3\rightarrow CH_3COONa + H_2O + CO_2

So, salt X is Sodium ethanoate = CH_3COONa


1. Take sodium hydrogen carbonate in a test tube and add ethanoic acid

2. Carbon dioxide is evolved with brisk effervescence.

3. Pass the gas into lime water and if it turns white (milky), it means carbon dioxide gas is present. This is the conformation test for carbon dioxide.

Ca(OH)_2 (aq) + CO_2 (g) \rightarrow CaCO_3 (s) + H_2O (l)

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