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How would you bring about the following conversions? Name the process and write the reaction involved. 

(a) ethanol to ethene. 

(b) propanol to propanoic acid. 

Write the reactions. 

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(a) When Ethanol is reacted with concentrated Sulphuric acid in the presence of heat it will lead to removal of water molecule and forms ethene. This type of reaction is called dehydrogenation reaction.

CH_3CH_2OH \overset{conc. H_{2}SO_{4}}{\rightarrow} CH_2=CH_2 + H_2O

(b)  When propanol is heated in the presence of potassium permanganate, it will convert to propanoic acid. This type of reaction is called oxidation reaction.

                      CH_3CH_2CH_2OH \overset{Alk. KMnO_{4}}{\rightarrow} CH_3CH_2COOH

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