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Sunil purchased  12\frac{1}{2} litres of juice on Monday and 14\frac{3}{4}  litres of juice on Tuesday. How many litres of juice did he purchase together in two days?

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Sunil purchased juice on Monday 12 \frac{1}{2} \text{ litres} =\frac{25}{2} \text{ litres}

Sunil purchased juice on Tuesday 14 \frac{3}{4} \text{ litres} =\frac{59}{4} \text{ litres}
Sunil purchased total quantity of juice in two days = =\left(\frac{25}{2}+\frac{59}{4}\right) \text{ litres }

LCM of 2,4 = 4


\\=\left(\frac{25 \times 2 + 59 }{4}\right)\text{ litres } \\\\ =\frac{109}{4}\text{ litres }\\\\=27 \frac{1}{4}\text{ litres }

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Ravindra Pindel

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