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Provide solution for RD Sharma Class 12 Chapter 15 Tangents and Normals Exercise Multiple Choice Question , Question 27 maths textbook solution. 

Answers (1)

Answer : (a) is the correct option

Hint :

Use c=\frac{a}{m}

Given : The line y= mx+1 is the tangent of the curve y^{2}= 4x

Solution :

y^{2}=4 x=4 \times 1 \times x                                 (1)

From equation (1) we equate with y^{2}=4ax  so that we get the value of c=1, the y intercept of the parabola

c=\frac{a}{m}, Where m is slope

From (1) , the value of a is 1

\\1 =\frac{1}{m} \\ m=1

The slope of the curve is 1

Hence the slope of the tangent is 1

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