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Only one of the four options is correct. Write the correct one.

A picture is 60cm wide and 1.8m long. The ratio of its width to its perimeter in lowest form is

(A) 1 : 2 (B) 1 : 3 (C) 1 : 4 (D) 1 : 8

Answers (1)

Given: width of the picture =60 cm

length of the picture =1.8m =180 cm
Perimeter of the picture =2 x (180+60) cm =480 cm
The ratio of its width to its perimeter = \frac{\text { Width of the picture }}{\text { Perimeter of the picture }}=\frac{60 \mathrm{~cm}}{480 \mathrm{~cm}}=\frac{1}{8}\Rightarrow 1: 8

Option D is correct.

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Ravindra Pindel

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